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What is a Content Management System (CMS) 

A Content Management System (CMS) is used to manage and format and edit the content of a website on the internet.

A CMS is a program installed on the web server through which the user gains access to edit the website from any pc with internet access. He only needs to login to the website to edit it.

In a CMS the layout, content and site logic are separated. A change in the layout will at once be visible on all pages. The user, who enters content on the website, only needs to concentrate on the content.

More and more companies are moving to CMS systems for their websites, because the maintenance work to keep the website up to date is automated and simplified. This of course reduces the cost for managing the website.


User-friendly: Users with general pc knowledge can manage and edit the website. No knowledge of programming, html-coding or other internet specialities are required. It is as easy as writing text in a Microsoft Word document.

No special programs required: The website is managed through a standard internet browser. A pc with internet access is the only requirement for managing and editing the website.

Uniform look: Layout and design is independent of the content. The system secures a uniform and recognisable look of all the pages. This also means that the user who is editing a page does not have to be concerned about layout, but only needs to concentrate on the text and eventual images on the page.

Maintenance cost: As editing the website is very easy and some of the maintenance tasks are automated, the time consumption on managing the website is reduced. This keeps down the cost of management of the website.

Access control: You can create several users with individual rights and access areas. So you can easily share the work of managing the website between more than one person.

Time control: You can enter the time a page is published and when it is to be hidden again.

Built-in functions: A CMS often has several built-in functions that improve the functionality and the usability of the website. i.e. menu system, search engine, forum, mailing list, calendar, member areas, visitor statistics and more. The functions may be a part of the standard system, but may also be delivered as separate extra modules. This depends of the actual system (In Archturus CMS all modules are a part of the standard system).

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