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Why Archturus CMS

Skovvej 4
DK 5330 Munkebo
Tel. +45 4027 0542

Archturus CMS with built-in webshop 

Archturus webshop is a complete webshop with all neccesary features required within a modern shop on the internet.

The webshop consists of product catalog, shop, shopping basket, payment and order handling.


Details of all products - prices, specifications, description, images, product groups etc. Import and Export functions for updating products.

The Archturus product catalog contains a lot of options for specification and description of the products


Display of products on the website.

The Archturus webshop is very flexible and may be set up for different display modes like sorting, field filtering, image scaling, price information etc.

Shopping basket

The shopping basket may be displayed as a menupoint or as a sidebox. The items may be adjusted or deleted. Full information and prices on all items in the shopping basket.


Several types of payment possible. Like Paypal, Nets or others.

Order handling

Handling of delivery, customers and order data. 
Validates all required information like address, e-mail, phone etc. before the orders are accepted. Handles message information to customer and shop and delivery status. Full order statistics as well as export of order data.

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